Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hotel California, Florence, Italy style

Every now and then I think back to our trip to Italy in 2005 and wonder about the Hotel California.

In describing it to an individual recently, I sort of gave it a bad review, but that's only because the only thing I saw of the hotel were the entrance door off the street and the sign hanging on the side of the building.

View of bed in room from hotel's website

I wish we had gone in to check it out.

The singing group the Eagles had a hit in the US back in the 70's with a song of the same name and over the years it has been one of my favorite songs.

And in a post a while back, I did quote from the song concerning a situation that "could be heaven or it could be hell."

Interior shot from hotel's website

I have wondered about about the business in Florence and did I do it wrong.

After going on the internet, and checking out their website, I may have done it wrong.

Terrace shot taken from hotel's website

The pictures show an upscale hostelry and it appears to be one in which I would check out on a return visit.

With breakfast included, three nights in a double room runs $425.93 and the same time in a single room runs $325.93. Another website had the rooms listed less than those above.

I guess one would say those are fairly comparable prices and not too expensive although expensive to me is usually something more than $65 a night although I have gotten into the habit of plunking down $100 or more a night if the occasion called for it.

Reviews on the hotel were mixed.

For some, it "could be heaven," and for others, "it could be hell." Just depends.

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