Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Traveling on ethanol-free pure gas

Joe's Grocery offers ethanol-free gas outside Opelika, AL

After reading different articles on the problems with gas tainted with ethanol, I decided about two months ago to try and find ethanol-free gas for my vehicle.

I have been able to find a few places on the Mississippi Gulf Coast where I can do that. One station is located about 10 miles away in Latimer, just north of Ocean Springs.

Another is further west by about six miles, in Woolmarket.

And another station I found was in Pascagoula, about 16 miles to the east.

These stations were discovered by going on a pure gas website that has a list of more than 3500 ethanol-frree gas stations listed.

Planning on a trip to the Smoky Mountains, I wanted to go ethanol-free as much as possible.

The internet listing allowed me to do that. I went to their site and printed out all the stations in the states through which I would be traveling.

Turns out that finding such stations wasn't that difficult.

Starting out on our trip, we stopped in Pascagoula and filled up.  Some 280 miles away we stopped just east of Opelika, AL and filled up again.

This tankful took us to Clayton, GA where we filled up again. That fillup provided enough gas for our visit to the Smokys, our traveling around the park, and back to Clayton.

We stopped again in Opelika which provided enough gas to get home.

Looking back it wasn't such a big deal. Three stations provided what we needed. I must point out that my 2000 Chevy high-rise long-wheel base vehicle does have a 33-gallon gas tank. 

That means our range is a little in excess of 500 miles, depending on our speed.

All of the stations were less than 300 miles apart.

Prices for such gas runs a little higher in most places, although the station in Woolmarket actually sells gas for about 11 cents less than the ethanol-added gas station next to it.

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