Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Grands add fun to mountain trip

Walker gets hauled around
Another aspect of a summer mountain vacation is having grandchildren to watch and enjoy.

We have six -- three boys, three girls. And they are fun. Fun to watch, fun to talk to, fun to plan treats for and I really enjoy shooting pictures of them.
Nate (l) and Luke take care of Walker

They always seem to be on the go and tend to find fun in the mountains, whether it is climbing on rocks, playing in the rivers or hiking trails.

Stella does some 'dry' tubing
Of course, there are those times when they can be a pain (to their parents). "I' tired, can you carry me?" I heard numerous times on our only really trail hike in the Smokies during early July.

But what the heck! They are just kids. I told one of my daughters-in-law how she may be able to quiet the complaining.

On a trip many, many years ago, my wife and I and our only son (her husband)  at the time, decided to take the Sunset Trail in Big Bend National Park.

The good thing about the trail that on the way out, it was all down hill. Then I got to thinking. On the way back it is going to be all uphill.

As one would have guessed, on the return trip, our son started complaining. Well, we broke down. We offered a bribe --  Ice cream, of course, at the restaurant in the Chisos Basin.

Charlie, Molly Kate and Stella
He headed up the trail without any more complaints, and seemed to enjoy running ahead of us to shorten the time before the treat.

My wife also got tired on the return trip and ended up talking a park maintenance worker into giving us a ride for the last few hundred yards.

Getting ready to tube on Little River
Well, back in the Smokies, my daughtert-in-law  didn't offer any bribe, but the kids did end up getting a couple of ice cream treats over the course of the next few days.

Charlie hams it up
Well, after all it is summer and vacation time.

Little ones can be so much fun. And ours are.

PS: In the early morning hours, just after dawn has broken, there is still a chance to get in some quiet time around the campfire before the activities of the day.

Yours truly getting an early morning dose of quiet
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