Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Enjoy things that annoy others

A traditional trip to a well-known place we have visited previously doesn't take much extra planning.

We know where we're going, the basic route, although sometimes there are sidetrips, and the costs  are usually known, within a few dollars.

When planning a trip overseas -- that's a horse of a different color.

My wife and I have planned and taken two such jaunts. One was a one-week stay in Paris. The other was a 10-day trip to Italy including stops in Rome, Florence and Venice.

Both were extremely enjoyable. The weather was great. The airline connections were good and  the accommodations were excellent. Did we luck up?

Maybe we did. But then maybe we look at things in a different perspective.

As the saying goes, "When in Rome . . . do as the Romans."

We can adapt, and some things that other people complain about, we just find interesting.

Looking at reviews on the Internet of what other people think of different accommodations gives one good insight.

But sometimes, we take those reviews, especially if they are not too favorable, with a grain of salt. One review indicated that the elevators in the hotels in Europe were small.

Golly, gee. A small elevator. 

On our trip to Paris, we found the elevator in the hotel in which we were staying to be of a birdcage size. There was just enough room for my wife and I and our luggage.

We found it fascinating and interesting. Going up to the fifth floor and then going back down was always an adventure and enjoyable.

We had a small room in the Mercedes and the bathroom was in a triangle shape. Not to worry. We adapted. Our room overlooked Avenue Wagram.

There wasn't much room out on the balcony. But we made use of it spending a number of meals overlooking the activities on the street below including the skaters on their weekly Saturday night jaunt.

Sometimes, things just turn out better than expected. And become a pleasant surprise.

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