Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Don't let life just happen

Wifey feeding wildlife along Nevada's US 50

"Life is what happens while you are making plans."

I believe this was written on the side of a building in the movie "Cuffs." I haven't taken the time to go look at the movie during the past week in order to be sure.

But I just wanted to use that saying anyway.

Last week while Linda, my wife of almost 44 years and I were making plans, life happened. She suffered a stoke and has been in the hospital ever since.  She is improving and will be going to a rehabilitation facility today or tomorrow.

We expect a complete recovery and a return to normalcy which means more travel.

During the course of our almost 44 years together, we just didn't make plans for when we were retired and could travel.

We have been on the go all those years. First to Jordan, Israel, Egypt. And later to France and Italy. We have taken a couple cruises and in the early years of marriage took a year off from work and van-camped throughout the US.

The Smoky Mountains have been an annual destination. And lately we have been making it up that way two or three times a year.

San Francisco is another favorite spot. We have made the trip from Ocean Springs to the West Coast at least 20 times over the past 40 years.

Needless to say, I like to travel and wifey goes along.

And since this is going to be a short post, I want to emphasize, don't just make plans to do things or to travel. Make it happen - today. Put aside the money, live a few dreams while you can.

Life may happen tomorrow.

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