Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bits and pieces abound in the Big Easy

Our Christmas week excursion to New Orleans involved taking a walk around the Garden District, a ride on the streetcars for the first time and enjoying new eating establishments.

We also got a look at the lunar eclipse although we got up too late to see the event at its main point.

My wife ran around taking pictures of houses while in the Garden District. Myself, I majored on the minor. I tried to find smaller subjects, some that were out of place or others that just held some interest. Or were just downright funny.

I also have also begun looking down more often for pictures, trying to find detail and differences in the places where we walk.

The streets of the Big Easy, like other cities with a lot of trees, also fall victim to the roots of various types of trees, in the South, especially the oaks. The week of Christmas also held some remarkable color, even for this time of year.

People put stuff down here and there, not thinking they are littering, but offering the opportunity for a passing tourist to snap an unusual photo.

We were out a lot at night and ran across at least one "truism" that fits us and our children.

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