Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Wear's Valley Road disappointment, delight

While up in the Smoky Mountains back in October, my wife and I on a Monday morning, decided to head over to Wear’s Valley for breakfast.

We had enjoyed a restaurant in the area and was looking forward to another good meal. Upon arriving, we found there were no cars in the parking lot.

A quick read of their sign indicated they were closed on Mondays.

Well, what to do?

We were open to options, but I knew if we headed back to Pigeon Forge there was a place I had been wanting to visit for quite a while.

So we took Highway 321 and upon arriving near the intersection with the main drag, there it was.

For years and years we had passed this particular place and I wondered about it.

Was it that good? Did it have a good atmosphere?

The answer to both was a resounding yes.

Mel’s Diner is now on our list to visit again when heading back to the mountains.

“Are your grits as good as Harbor House on the Mississippi Gulf Coast?” I asked our ebullient waitress.

She said she was familiar with the coast but didn’t recognize the name Harbor House.

“McElroy”s! I said.

There was a quick affirmative response after having recognized its more formal name. She also added the fact that she had relatives on the coast who work for a local building supply store.

Concerning the grits, she said Mel's were just as good.

Well, they were good and comparable and therefore that made my day. The eggs, bacon and pancakes were also excellent.

My wife liked the place so much that she got a gift card to give away at our family Christmas party.

There are others in our family who like to visit the mountains and enjoy good food.

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