Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The past relived via credit card payment

Throwback to the past -- wife Linda shows an
old paper form used to pay with a credit card.

My wife and I had a small taste of the past, this past weekend.

And that taste of the past of which I am referring, happened like some 20 or so years ago.

Just exactly was it?

Well, it was the old way of paying by credit card.

We had visited an eatery on our way to visit relatives in Baton Rouge, La., and decided to stop off in Bay St. Louis, on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

We ordered and shared the meal. When it came time to pay, the waitress caught us a little off guard by what followed, since it was so unusual in this day and age.

Her credit card reader, which was used when patrons made a payment, was not working.

So what did she do? She pulled out the ages-old paper form and wrote down our name and our credit card number on it.

My card had raised letters on it, but I guess she didn’t have the little contraption that allows pressure to be used to make an image of the credit card number.

She wrote the number on the old form, gave us a copy and we were on our way.

The event was a throwback to the “good ole days.”


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