Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Vacation experience relived at home

My wife enjoys tea and bagels at the Microtel Inn overlooking Gatlinburg, TN
I like to call it our "Microtel Morning" when we are at home.

Why that?

Well, it has to do with our making a reservation about 10 years ago with the Microtel motel in Gatlinburg, TN.

My wife enjoys breakfast on the window seat at home
 overlooking the wooded area behind our house
We happened to get room 322.

And ever since that first time, whenever we make reservations there (at least five more times), we ask for the same room, and we have been lucky enough to ask far enough in advance to secure that room.

The receptionist a couple years ago told me that we barely beat out another party that was also interested in that same room.

What’s so great about the room? 

Well, it is on the third level. It is on the west side of the facility and overlooks the downtown while giving a nice look at the mountains .

The Space Needle is just a block or so away.

But what it seems we like most is the fact that they have a window seat.

I know, that sounds kind of trite. But my wife and I love the view and being able to sit there to see what’s going on.

We especially like eating our breakfast of bagels, cereal, coffee, tea and some sweets while sitting there.  The room downstairs where they serve their continental breakfast is not that big. And my wife doesn’t always get up early enough.

So I take the room tray downstairs and load it up with our food and beverages and take it back to the room.

OK! What’s that got to do with our own “Microtel Morning.”

Well, we had a new house custom built for us in our hometown.

And guess what? In the design we incorporated a set of window seats.

We are surrounded by woods and it gives us the mountain feel.

So when we get up, this is usually for a Sunday morning, wifey meanders over to the window seat and I fix bagels; tea for her, coffee for me, and maybe some cereal!

And we enjoy the morning looking out over the expanse of woods.

It's not Gatlinburg, but somehow, there is that feeling of being in the Smokeys.

Just another Microtel Morning.

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