Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Sometimes we just have to adapt

Campfire does the job providing heat to cook our breakfast
 My wife and I like the out of doors, and especially camping in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

But it does not come without a few negative aspects that are sometimes unexpected.

And such was the case on our last visit back in late September, early October.

Our oldest son and his family joined us for a few days.  It was great and I was well prepared in that, basically I did most of the cooking and had two Coleman stoves along with the stove that came with our Viking camper.

For two mornings it was easy to fix bacon and eggs, pancakes and toast along with having the requisite amount of coffee.

We brought two extra folding tables on which to do the cooking.

But it wasn’t until after our son and his family left that we ran into a problem.

I was cooking breakfast one morning and discovered that something had gone wrong with the gizmo that connects the propane tank to the stove. It had sprung a leak and upon trying to light it, an unexpected flame burst forth.

I blew out the flame, but then unexpectedly encountered a problem with the second Coleman stove.

What to do?

Well, we were  camping and we had a fire and a fire ring had a grate that would hold our pots and pans for cooking.

So we went back to the old-fashioned way of cooking over a wood fire and it turned out rather good.

I’ve already gone to Walmart and bought two replacement parts in preparation for our next outing. Cooking over wood is OK when needed.

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