Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Let the good times roll, a little longer

Parade on St. Charles in New Orleans
The good times are going to roll on until midnight next Tuesday (Feb. 9) when all of the parades, carrying-on, debauchery and excessiveness of the human mind will come to a screeching halt.

Well, for at least until the next day, anyway!

 Some people don’t know how to stop misbehaving.

Anyway, what I’m referring to is the annual celebration in the states along the Gulf of Mexico called Mardi Gras — Fat Tuesday.

It seems that anything anybody wants to do is OK during this period of time. But it does come to an end when the clock strikes midnight.

Mardi Gras doesn’t appeal to me that much. I try to make at least one parade every five years or so.  Lately, it seems I don’t want to go that often.

Usually it has to do with the weather and what else I feel is more important at the time.

Lately, the celebration happens earlier in February, which means its likely to be cold.

The parades are fun and entertaining although some people seem to take their ways to the limit and ruin the event for others.

The biggest parades are in New Orleans and Mobile although smaller towns along the Gulf Coast have their share.

The pictures here, of course, are of previous times, years earlier. I just haven’t been to a parade in four or five years.


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