Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Heading south is not a bad idea

Hitting the slopes in my younger days
Sometimes the mind overrules the heart when it comes to travel.

Just this morning, I was formulating a trip that would take my wife and I some 600 miles to the north.

I wanted to go where snow was expected. Which means it would be considerably colder.

Years ago, like 20 or so, we would make plans to go snow skiing at 
Sugar Mountain outside of Boone, NC. And then we would follow through on those plans.

Sugar Mountain slopes
On one occasion, it was an extended family outing. More than 20 packed up the needed equipment and clothing and headed north.

We stopped in Atlanta the first night and then it was on to Boone the next day.

About 50 miles from our destination, as we started climbing into higher elevations, the snow began.  It wasn’t a lot, but it was exciting having our family group in a caravan of sorts with children, brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews and parents out for adventure.

At that particular time, the Boone area was covered with snow and ice and we had a good, but frigid time.

On another occasion, the snow was there, but it wasn’t as cold. That was truly enjoyable.

But I was younger back then and our family was in a better position health wise.

This afternoon, wifey and I met relatives for our weekly “Save the World” session at our favorite coffee shop.

It wasn’t too cold when we went in in the early afternoon so I left my jacket in our vehicle.

The sun went down, and the temperatures began dropping. I could feel the cool easing through the store windows. I began to get chilled.

And then it was time to leave. The temperature was at about 47 and I had left my jacket in the van. I hurriedly got my wife into the vehicle and we headed back to our warm home.

I was cold, with a freezing feeling.

I looked over at my wife.

“Maybe we ought to head south.” 

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