Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Tallin, a unique city and challenging

Visiting the old town of Tallin, Estonia is a challenge for the physically handicapped.

And moreso  a challenge for caregivers who want their loved ones to experience the “enjoyment” of visiting a totally new place.

Tallin is one of the stops for ships traveling the Baltic Sea.

Our ship, the Norwegian Star, put into that particular port on the second day of our journey back in May.

My wife, a stroke survivor, can manage to walk short distances.

But after we left the ship and walked about a half mile, we realized that the only way we could see a portion of the city was for me to go back and get the transporter and push my wife to the different places.

It was a decision that made all the difference.

The city was within walking distance of the berth where our ship was docked, but for the physically handicapped, it was a challenge, thus the need for the transporter.

There may be a “romantic” notion that “cobblestone streets” are unique and fun. Unique they are, but not fun for someone pushing a person in a transporter.

From the port to the first major intersection, life was good. The ground was flat, and being the early part of the day, I had more energy.

And then there was the hill. And then there were the cobblestone streets.

All the streets in the old town that we went on were cobblestone. 

Those types of streets aren’t very inviting for the challenged. 

Despite the problem, we were up to the challenge, although over the course of about two hours of cobblestone, my energy began to ebb.

We persevered on, visiting churches, viewing the various historical avenues, observing young children apparently on a field trip, a portion of the old walls of the city and a sign on a building with a word that just seemed to be toooooo long.

Crossing streets was rather bumpy with my wife experiencing almost the ride of her life with the transporter jerking back and forth as we traversed the ruts between the cobblestone.

And then we managed to get back to the ship for a well-deserved rest.

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