Tuesday, September 22, 2015

What, only 1 trip to mountains this year?

Wifey poses at our campsite in Elkmont Campground back in July

Nine months of 2015 are almost gone, and we’ve only traveled to the Great Smoky Mountains once this year.

Last year about this time, we had already been through the area four times and were readying for another trip, not to mention the sixth one we planned in order to see the Christmas parade in Gatlinburg the first week in December.

There was a big difference this year. We spent a lot of money on a Baltics Sea cruise on the Norwegian Star, which was very enjoyable. 

Some of those trips last year had to do with family events and nothing to do with the mountains but since we were close, we worked them in.

We’re planning another foray into the mountains before taking on the care of four grandchildren while our oldest son and his wife celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary.

After this excursion, we’ll probably settle down back home since Thanksgiving and Christmas are on the horizon and there are a few other things going on.

Last year we didn’t attend many holiday festivities locally, but maybe this year we’ll get back over to New Orleans for the Miracle on Fulton Street, if it is still being promoted.

The Harrah’s Casino has been sponsoring the month-long event for a number of years.

We did that a couple years and really enjoyed the festivities and decorations.

Our only trip to the mountains this year so-far, in July, was great with a huge group showing up to have a good time. Maybe we'll get back to the six-trip agenda for the mountains next year.

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