Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Cathedral houses remains of Russian czars

The Peter and Paul Cathedral in St. Petersburg, Russia
Now that we have Independence Day out of the way, its back to the Baltic Sea cruise.

It was just two months  ago that we (my wife and I) set out on that journey, and now it almost seems like it is ancient history.

The planning and anticipation seemed to add up to being more than the trip itself, if that is possible.

But I digress.

Tourist line up to visit the St. Peter and Paul Cathedral
Let’s move on to another site not to be missed when visiting St.Petersburg, Russia.

And that is the Peter and Paul Fortress wherein resides the Peter and Paul Cathedral.

It was the last place we visited on our tour of the city and its environs.

Interior shots show vaults containing Russian czars 
The cathedral houses the remains of numerous czars and some family members.

Peter the Great selected the location for the fortress which is in the River Neva delta.

According to a tourist guide concerning the city, Peter was interested in having the city built out of stone. He therefore issued a special decree prohibiting the construction of other stone structures in the country.

All master stonemasons were ordered to St. Petersburg to work on the city.

There was a “stone toll” and all boats and carts entering the city had to bring a certain number of stones to contribute to the construction effort.

The cathedral is the imperial burial vault.  In 1998, Nicholas II, the last czar, was interred along with his wife and children, all of whom were shot to death in Ekaterinburg in June of 1918.

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