Tuesday, May 5, 2015

And a nice day to ya'll

"God morgen"

"Guten Morgen"

"Tere hommikust"

"Доброе утро"

"Hyvää huomenta"

"God morgon"

The phrases all spell, according to an internet search, "good morning" in various languages of countries that we will be visiting soon.

They phrases are, from the top, 








Traveling to one country and learning a few phrases isn't that bad. But when one is going to hit six new countries, learning the language is really a challenge.

Maybe we will be up to it.

It is expedient that one learn at least a few phrases so as to not be totally out of the loop in conversing with local natives.

Our upcoming trip will preclude blog posts for the next couple of weeks due to being in a place that doesn't have internet or is at a price that I don't want to pay for the connection.

Next anticipated, scheduled post: May 26, 2015

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