Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Historical setting along the River Road

Oftentimes an unexpected turn takes one to unexpected locations.

Such was the case when driving along River Road west of New Orleans.

Heading back to the Crescent City after visiting the Oak Alley Plantation, we took a turn, for whatever reason, and came across a group of older buildings.

It was the home of the St. James Historical Society Cultural and Heritage Center Museum in Lutcher, LA

We weren't able to visit inside the buildings on this particular day, but did walk around snapping photos of the historical sites.

According to a website concerning the location, “the museum is filled with artifacts that tell the story and life in the early days of St. James Parish - saw milling on the Blind River, the history of Lutcher and Moore Cypress Company from which Lutcher got its name.”

The area is also home to the 80-year-old Paulina Post Office Building, a working blacksmith shop, the Perique Tobacco Shed with displays of the processing and curing of tobacco as done by the local Indians 200 years ago.

Another treat visitors can enjoy at Christmastime is the (last year's schedule) of the Festival of the Bonfires along the levee of the Mississippi River.

Maybe we’ll make it over to that event this Christmastime.

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