Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Photo book evokes nostalgia

Rio Grande River Gorge just west of Taos, NM
I am painfully, sort of, reliving my wife’s retirement trip back in 2008. Yes, I was with her.

But maybe I can almost finish the roughed-out project by Friday, Valentine’s Day.

She knows about it, therefore it won’t be a surprise. Matter of fact, she’ll be doing some work on the project which will be at least 20 pages off photographs and memories.

Sunrise at the Grand Canyon

I’ve been thinking about the project for a number of years, but she indicated this past week or so, when someone else said they were working on a similar project, that she wanted such a book.

She’s been  hinting for a number of years, and I figured I had better go ahead and get it done.

Thowing together such a project isn’t that easy, and of course, the more one works toward the end goal, the more ways one finds how the project could have been easier.

Hiking near the cliffs outside Bluff, Utah

Route 66 rest stop
Well, my next photo book will be easier, but I am enjoying digging out my digital prints and putting them together and reliving those 6,000 plus miles that took us from home in Ocean Springs, MS to San Francisco and back over the course of 30 days.

Our trusty Chevy van, a year 2000 model, is still going strong after all these years and has amassed some 241,000 miles.

Hiking the Golden Gate bridge
The project has me using the internet to correctly identify places we visited. Wifey will make sure the cutlines are correct and readable.

Its almost time to take another trip out west. This time we hope to be heading farther north and up into Wyoming, Montana and Washington state before, I assume, taking the coast road down to San Francisco.

Next post: Feb. 18. 2014

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