Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Colorful insects add to life's enjoyment

Butterflies were the reason wifey and I took a jaunt to the east  last Saturday.

The Mobile Botanical Gardens was hosting a program "Butterflies of Alabama, Glimpses into Their Lives."

Guest speakers were the author of the book (Paulette Ogard) and photographer (Sara Bright).

About 100 or so people of all natures were in attendance for the two-hour presentation that involved a talk about how the book came about, a slide show featuring butterflies and a short nature walk.

The butterfly book was on sale as well as butterfly-attracting herb plants and gourds decorated by area school children.

We left for the program (a 50-something mile trip) in a downpour. On the way, the skies cleared somewhat and allowed for us to attend the program and traipse into the woods.

We cut our walk short and headed back to our vehicle as storm clouds began gathering once again. When we were about a block from the gardens, the skies yielded up another torrential downpour.

Next post: Oct. 9, 2012 (We hope to be in Shelter Cove, CA on our 9-day West Coast adventure.)

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