Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Trans-Atlantic to Northern Europe -- not

We took the 'Sun' to Caribbean. Europe next?

Every now and then -- usually in the beginning of the year, I try to map out trips for the upcoming year.

Back in January, I talked to wifey about the fact that I didn't think I would like to take a trans-Atlantic cruise to Europe.

She said she wasn't interested either.  We had just  been through the news cycle for umpteen times concerning the ship in Italy that had problems where there were a number of deaths.

They compared that ship's troubles with the Titanic. It wasn't quite the same. The Titanic completely went underwater. The ship in Italy didn't.

The Titanic was out in the ocean. This other ship was near land. It had to be -- that's what it hit.

The news media also showed pictures of other ships that had trouble including the one hit by a rouge wave.

That did it for me. No ocean crossings.

But then I got that email offer from Norwegian concerning the repositioning of the Sun from Florida. I had wanted to take the Northern Europe cruise which included going on land in Holland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, the Soviet Union, Estonia and Finland.

And for just $1,966 each (for an inside room) I could get on their ship in Florida, cross the ocean, hit Portugal and then the other ports.

It would make eight new countries on which to set foot.

Then, there was the problem of getting back to the US. A roundtrip airfare ticket from Copenhagen was just under $1,000 each. Checking another site, I could get the roundtrip and a night's hotel for under $900 each.

I guess if I checked a little more I could find an even better deal. And then again there are a lot of logistics involved. 

Maybe we would end up using the other half of the ticket, and then again, maybe just file it away.

The thought of a 22-day cruise is interesting. There would be six days at sea from Port Canaveral to Portugal, then three to Holland and another to Denmark.

I think I can deal with that. But what about my wifey?

Well, on that note I guess I'll just have to play it safe and plan another trip to the Smokies. 

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