Tuesday, December 6, 2011

When in Boone, try Macado's

We like to try new restaurants and savor the previously enjoyed.

Such was the case when on a ski trip to Boone, NC this past year.

Two trips earlier, when by brother and his wife were with us, we went into downtown Boone and discovered Macado's on King Street.

Macado's is a great place to enjoy a meal. 

Boone is home to Appalachian State University (they beat Michigan a few years ago and became famous) and the restaurant is in close proximity to the university and definitely caters to the college crowd.

There's lots of seating, big screen TVs for sports action and enjoyable food -- good size portions at a reasonable price.

We had attempted to eat at Mercado's on our in-between trip, but when we ventured downtown that night, the temperatures were near freezing, the wind was blowing and the line was out the door.

We opted for a fast food outlet, one which we also enjoy visiting.

Nevertheless, when we return, Macado's will be on our list of places to revisit. (The Boone location is one of many throughout the Virginia-Carolina area.)

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