Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Reminiscing about our 'Roman Holiday'

View from top of the Vatican

Audrey Hepburn wasn' there. Neither was Gregory Peck nor Eddie Albert.

Alas, none-the-less, it was still a "Roman Holiday" for my wife and myself a few years ago although there wasn't any royalty involved.

Christ watches over Rome

Nor were there  fights on a river barge nor rollicking around on a motor scooter.

I often feel that one's activities are so hurried on a short vacation to whatever locale that the true essence of the area isn't fully appreciated.

Crowds gather at Trevi Fountain

When watching a movie on such a location as Rome, I always find myself wondering why didn't I see certain things that the movie so easily brought into perspective. 

And the way movies are directed and presented, they entrap viewers and force them to have emotions about certain events.

Rainy Sunday at flea market

When running around Rome in three days trying to catch all the sights, one's emotions could easily be one of exasperation followed by mental fatigue.

And it always seems that on the last day or so, an event, activity or place comes into play, but time is short and it can't be revisited and enjoyed again.
Ceiling artwork at the Vatican

Street artist adds a little bit of Liberty

Such is the problem with short visits to most areas. The best thing to do, I guess, is to shoot a lot of pictures.

Pictures themselves don't hold emotion, they create emotion in the person looking at them.

Rome was a busy place. We hurried to and fro.

Looking at all the pictures we shot, the feeling comes to the forefront, "wow, we did all of that and saw all those things."

Gelato in all flavors - an Italian delight

Afternoon walkers at the Coliseum

It was a hurried time.

But back home, pictures offer the option of taking a slower trip. And continuing the enjoyment.

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  1. Speaking of pictures - I took my memory stick to have the photos developed today and found that I have approximately 1500 photos from my Alaskan trip. I need to take out a loan just to have the photos developed!! Oh well, since I won't be going there again I think it will definitely be worth the cost. Can't wait to see them. I still like to have a photo in hand to look at (as well as have them on the computer). Keep your blog coming as I do enjoy reading it.