Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Let the entertainment begin

  Playing to the parakeets and others in Rome

Traveling, whether far away or not, can enlighten one about places and things with all the sites that are available to visit and the smells that set places apart.

But there is another aspect.  

San Francisco artist works with paint and fire 

And that is people who populate those places, whether they be artists, entertainers or just common day folks providing a service for those visiting the area.

Sidewalk chalk used to create streetscape in Florence

Over the course of recent travel, we have run across our share of such citizens of the world.

Mostly, while traveling, one shoots pictures and doesn't bother to get all the names of people in their pictures (or either we get the name and it gets misplaced among our travel folders). I am of that disposition.

 Waiter in Roman restaurant along the Tiber River

 Musician in San Francisco

Walking tour guide (right) in San Francisco's North Beach

Singer, guitar player in Taos, NM

Venetian student (right) helps us find our way

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