Sunday, September 26, 2010

Signs of the time

Throughout the course of one's travels, adventure is always around the next bend.

But other things may crop up to add a bit more to the feeling.

And that's where signs come in.

Signs keep us on the right track, attempt to keep us safe -- and sometimes add humor to our lives or give us a bit of trepidation.

Signs come in all sizes and often with a bit of artwork.

Below are just a few we have run across during our travels.

Enjoy -- or maybe you'll get a bit queasy with a couple of them.

Rest area stop, Texas

Dental office, Texas

 Clary's Restaurant, Savannah, Ga

 Posted on boat in north Georgia
Alludes to movie "Deliverance"

Black Bear coffee shop, Hendersonville, NC

 Nephew's porta potty at Mardi Gras party, D'Iberville, MS

Coffee Fusion coffee shop, Ocean Springs, MS

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